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Cort Guitars is a guitar manufacturer centered in South Korea. The company is one of the largest guitar makers in the world, and produces instruments for many other companies.

Jack Westheimer set up business connections with Japanese guitar makers in the 1960s with the intention of importing Japanese made guitars into America. Some of the many brands that Jack Westheimer is associated with were Teisco, Cortez, Pearl, Silvertone, Kingston, Cort and many others. In 1973, Jack Westheimer founded the Yoo-Ah company (“you-and-I”) in South Korea with Young H. Park as a business partner.

Guitars Ipswich

The Yoo-Ah company would eventually be called Cor-Tek which was named   after Jack Westheimer's Cortez brand name. Young H. Park eventually   acquired the operations of the Cor-Tek company. Cor-Tek manufactures   Cort branded guitars as well as engaging in concha OEM manufacturing  for  numerous brands such as Lotus.

Cort does not have a model of  guitar  that could be called their “signature,” like Fender and the  Stratocaster  or Gibson and the Les Paul. Instead, Cort produces a very  large line of  guitars to fit different guitarists and genres of music.  Cort produces a  wide variety of electric guitars, acoustic guitars,  acoustic bass  guitars, and electric basses, with the main emphasis  being on producing a good product at a competitive price.

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