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Leo Fender passed away on a rainy day in March of 1991, an event which shook the Music World: The father of modern music was gone. It was on that very day that Leo had completed his last prototype instrument, after which he declared to his wife Phyllis that he had given all he can to the musicians of the world.

Before his passing, he wanted to be sure that the legacy of G&L would continue to shine even brighter in the future. He knew that he must look after the people of G&L, his family, so that they would remain secure and free to continue building the finest guitars and basses in the world. His wife Phyllis shared his dream, and she chose BBE Sound, under the leadership of Chairman John C. McLaren, to take over the management of G&L and to expand and develop it in the way Leo would have wanted. Leo had begun discussions several years before with John, who Leo respected. Leo felt he could entrust John to continue his work with G&L, in which he took such great pride.

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John shares Leo's vision of G&L as a maker of superb instruments, lovingly crafted for discerning musicians. The arrangements were made   that the ownership would be transferred to John's company, BBE Sound.   Leo's wife Phyllis remains as Honorary Chairman of G&L - reminders   to the world that the spirit and integrity of Leo Fender will continue   on in every instrument made at G&L. Today, G&L is committed to   preserving the memory and rich history of Leo Fender, as well as his   passion for creating instruments musicians will embrace for decades to   come.

Today the G&L factory continues production as Leo would  have wanted.  His private workshop, the center of his creativity,  remains untouched  as it was on his last day and has been visited by  music people from  around the world. While the people of G&L, his  people, continue to  build the instruments with love, dedication and  great skill. In  preserving the uniqueness of G&L and respecting the  vision of its  founder, John C. McLaren said, "G&L will always be  willing to make  changes. Leo Fender was a symbol of change and  evolution for the benefit  of musicians. But for any change that is  considered, we must first ask  ourselves, 'Would Leo have wanted it this  way?' If yes, then we do it.  If not, then we will not. We always want  to feel that Leo Fender would  be proud of today's G&L."

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