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Welcome to Rocket Music Store, Suffolk's No1 Guitar Shop.

Guitars Suffolk

The Number 1 Music Store in Suffolk, with  over 30 years of experience in the music industry our Ipswich based guitar shop sell new as well as pre-owned guitars. Specialising in  vintage or rare guitars and basses our stock is always changing with  some real classic guitars you will not see outside of London.

Guitars Ipswich

With a great location in Ipswich we can provide entry level guitars as well as top end brand new instruments from world famous guitar manufactures such as Fender, Gibson, Martin, Ibanez, G&L, Cort, Godin, Simon & Patrick, Seagull, Overwater, Musicman, Crafter. If that's not enough we are also Suffolk's leading Tanglewood supercentre, the worlds most popular acoustic.