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Over the years the Overwater name has become synonymous with the finest  hand crafted bass guitars and to date we have produced over three and a  half thousand instruments in the UK. Overwater bass guitars continue to draw the attention of discerning musicians, both amateur and  professional along with the objective to offer the creative musician the best means by which he or she may express their art.

Guitars Ipswich

The Overwater philosophy has always been to treat electric basses  fundamentally as acoustic instruments first. By combining the properties  of selected tone woods they create a resonant,  naturally balanced  instrument – with a fundamental tone that comes directly from the wood.

Overwater's  electronics, although designed to produce a clean, quiet, full range  output signal that offers the player a versatile and usable means of  adjusting the tone and dynamics of their  sound, they are never the less  configured as a conduit by which the natural character of the  instrument and the players technique can be transferred to their chosen  means of amplification.

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